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History Happy Hour

History Happy Hour Episode 157 – Patton and Kevin Hymel

Guest: Kevin Hymel

Pattons War Volume 2

This week on History Happy Hour:  Last year we welcomed Kevin Hymel to talk about the first volume of his new Patton biography. Now we welcome him back to talk about the second volume, Patton's War: An American General's Combat Leadership, Volume 2: August–December 1944.  

We'll be covering the period starting when Patton took command of the 3rd Army. It includes his race against France, the closing of the Falaise pocket, and the successful effort to relieve Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge.

A deep dive into the most incredible six months of Patton’s career – Sunday at 4PM Eastern on History Happy Hour, where history is always on tap.

Photo credit: D.A.-Peterson

Kevin Hymel
has served as a Historian for the U.S. Army and Air Force. He is the author of Patton’s Photographs: War as He Saw It and has served as a historian at the U.S. Army Combat Studies Institute at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas. He was also the Research Director for WWII History and Military Heritage magazines. Kevin leads the “In Patton’s Footsteps” tour for Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours, and has appeared in numerous documentaries. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from LaSalle University and Master’s Degree from Villanova University, both in History.  

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