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History Happy Hour

Encore Episode : Cartoonist Bill Mauldin

Guest: Todd DePastino, author of Drawing Fire: the Editorial Cartoons of Bill Mauldin

Book cover of Drawing Fire

Legendary WWII journalist Ernie Pyle declared Sgt. Bill Maudlin the, “finest cartoonist the war had produced.” Mauldin is best remembered today for the “Willie ad Joe” cartoons that made him famous. What is often overlooked is that the two-time Pulitzer Prize winner had a long and distinguished career that spanned the second-half of the 20th Century and brought his acerbic wit and ironic eye for the absurd to some of post-war America’s most important issues and events. As Colonel Jennifer Pritzker has so correctly observed, “There is a Bill Maudlin for every situation.” In an encore presentation, Host-historians Christopher Anderson and Rick Beyer welcome Mauldin biographer Todd DePastino, editor of the book Drawing Fire: the Editorial Cartoons of Bill Mauldin. America’s quintessential cartoonist, Bill Mauldin, Sunday on History Happy Hour. Don’t forget your cocktail!

Todd DePastino sitting at a table
Todd DePastino is the author of the award-winning Bill Mauldin: A Life Up Front and several other books. He has a Ph.D. in History from Yale University and currently serves as executive director of the Veterans Breakfast Club, a nonprofit dedicated to sharing veterans’ stories with the public.

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