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History Happy Hour

History Happy Hour Episode 195 – Queen Elizabeth II

Guest: Alexander Larman

Power and Glory

This Week on History Happy Hour: Alexander Larman, master chronicler of the House of Windsor, returns to HHH to talk with Chris and Rick about the final book in his acclaimed trilogy: Power and Glory Elizabeth II and the Rebirth of Royalty.

From Elizabeth and Philip’s Royal Wedding, to George VI’s death and the discovery of the Duke of Windsor’s treacherous activities in WWII, Larman paints a vivid portrait of the end of one sovereign’s reign and the beginning of another’s.

Sunday at 4PM ET, on History Happy Hour, where history is always on tap.

Photo Credit: Alicia Pollett

Alexander Larman
is a British author, journalist and historian. Specializing in historical biography, he also writes regularly for The Times, The Observer, The Times Literary Supplement, The Spectator, the New Statesman, and The Daily Telegraph. He appeared on History Happy Hour three years ago to talk about his book The Crown in Crisis.

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