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History Happy Hour

Episode 95: The Great War in the Argonne Forrest: French and American Battles 1914-1918

To Conquer Hell: The Meuse Argonne 1918, Edward Lengel By far the best popular history of the largest American battle of World War I. This book combines great writing, exhaustive research and moving eye-witness accounts to provide a detailed, but accessible, history of this brutal battle. Highly recommend.

Days of Perfect Hell: The U.S. 26th Infantry Regiment in the Meuse Argonne Offensive, October-November 1918, Peter Belmonte One of the better accounts that focuses on just one infantry regiment. Zooming in on the experiences of just one unit allows the reader to get a much better sense of just how brutal the combat in the Meuse Argonne was for the Doughboys who fought there.

Meuse Argonne: Battleground Europe series by Pen and Sword, Maarten Otte Otte has written a series of books (three as of this writing) for Pen and Sword books highly regarded Battleground Europe Series. Each of the books focus on a very narrow portion of the offensive and are a wonderful combination of history and guidebooks. They each feature detailed history of the fighting in the area as well as good eye-witness accounts from participants on both sides, then and now photos of the battlefield and detailed information about how to locate the sites discussed.

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