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History Happy Hour

Episode 85 Hitler's American Gamble Reading List

Countdown to Pearl Harbor: The Twelve Days to the Attack, Steve Twomey A gripping account of the final 12 days of peace between Japan and the U.S.. Even though you already know what will happen, Twomey’s writing is so good you get caught up in the drama as events unfold. If you enjoyed the Chris Wallace countdown books, then you will enjoy this.   Pearl Harbor: From Infamy to Greatness, Craig Nelson Nelson provides a good account of the Japanese attack that is comparable to Lord and Toland. Where I think this book shines is in his analysis of how the “myth/legend” of the Pearl Harbor attack is born and develops. Nicely picks up where Twomey leaves off.   Pearl Harbor: Japan’s Attack and America’s Entry Into World War II, Takuma Melber Interesting retelling of the attack from the Japanese perspective. A quick read.   Fateful Choices: Ten Decisions that Changed the World 1940-41, Ian Kershaw Fascinating book by acclaimed Hitler biographer Ian Kershaw. In a series of very inciteful essays, Kershaw explores the decisive decisions made by each of the war’s major belligerents. His essays on why Japan attacks the United States and why Hitler makes the foolhardy decision to declare war on the U.S. are both particularly relevant to the show.
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