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History Happy Hour

Episode 97: Burn, Bomb, Destroy: The German Sabotage Campaign in North America 1914-1917

The Zimmerman Telegram: The Astounding Espionage Operation That Propelled America into the First World War, Barbara Tuchman A classic of World War I history by a master historian. All of Tuchman’s books have, despite all the years, have stood the test of time. Her research is impeccable, her writing superb. A real page turner with some wonderful insights on German intelligence efforts in the United Sates and America’s response to them.

The Great War in America: World War I and Its Aftermath, Garrett Peck One of the more recent accounts of America in World War One. Solid and readable account that-rightly-places World War I in a much more important place in America’s development than it generally gets.

The Path to War: How the First World War Created Modern America, Michael Neiberg Another good account of the impact of war on the United States. Of particular interest is the effect that German espionage efforts-real or imagined-had on civil liberties in America.

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