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History Happy Hour

Episode 79:  The Battle for Brest

Our guest is Joe Balkoski, author of Beachhead to Brittany: The 29th Infantry Division at Brest, August-September 1944.  Here are some other books to peruse:

29th Division Series-Joe Balkoski has written a series of books on the history of the 29th Division that is unsurpassed. He is also the author of the definitive works on the landings on both Utah and Omaha beaches. If you want to understand what It was like for American GIs in WW2, read ANY of Joe’s books.

Brittany 1944: Hitler’s Final Defenses in France, Steven Zaloga

This is one of the famous Osprey Campaign Series. If you want a thorough short read on the whole campaign, this is a good place to start. Lots of facts and data and valuable as a reference.

To the Last Man: The Battle for Normandy’s Cotentin Peninsula and Brittany, Randolph Bradham

A very good history of the battles in France from June 7, 1944, through early September. It is a bit scholarly in places, but Bradham’s book has the advantage that the author is a veteran of the campaign as well so brings some authenticity and insights into his account.

Americans in Brittany 1944, Jonathan Gawne

Gawne has written a number of books in Americans during WW2 that are very good. They are published by Histoire and Collections, a French publisher. One feature of all of their books is that they are full of wonderful photographs and illustrations. Gawne’s narratives are also always top-flight.

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