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History Happy Hour

Episode 175: Germany and Genocide

Guest: Andrew I. Port

Sunday, December 10, 2023

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This week on History Happy Hour:  How has how Germany's Nazi past shaped its responses to the genocides in Cambodia, Bosnia, and Rwanda—and further, how have these foreign atrocities recast Germans’ understanding of their own horrific history.

Chris and Rick will launch a discussion on this topic with Andrew Port, author of Never Again: Germans and Genocide After the Holocaust.

Andrew I. Port is professor of history at Wayne State University in Detroit. He previously taught at Harvard and at Yale, where he earned his graduate and undergraduate degrees. He is the recipient of the DAAD Prize for Distinguished Scholarship in German and European Studies. Port’s research focuses on modern Germany, memory and comparative genocide, as well as communism and state socialism. He was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and now lives in Ann Arbor with his wife, two daughters, a dog, and a cat.

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