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History Happy Hour

Episode 101: The Windsors and Their Scandalous Exile

Guest: Andrew Lownie, author of Traitor King:  The Scandalous Exile of the Duke & Duchess of Windsor.

Sunday, May 1, 2022

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This Week on History Happy Hour: Britain’s King Edward VI famously gave up the throne for the woman he loved, a Baltimore divorcee. But what came next was anything but a fairy tale. In fact, it is a story that involves Nazis, murder, treachery and betrayal.

Chris and Rick welcome Andrew Lownie, author of Traitor King: The Scandalous Exile of the Duke & Duchess of Windsor. Drawing on newly released archives, Lownie explores the fascinating story of a glittering couple obsessed with their own celebrity who repeatedly court disgrace and disrepute.

The Windsors and their scandalous exile, Sunday at 4 PM On History Happy Hour, where history is always on tap.

Andrew Lownie is the author of Stalin’s Englishman (St Martin’s Press) and The Mountbattens (Pegasus Books) and is a reviewer for The Wall Street Journal. He was educated at Asheville School, North Carolina, and the universities of Cambridge and Edinburgh, where he took his doctorate. He was part of the six-man team who set up the Spy Museum in Washington, DC, and he sits on the Advisory Committee of Biographers International Organization.
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