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History Happy Hour

Dueling Tours  - Chris and Rick's Newest Trips

Setting Europe Ablaze and The Road to Yorktown

Chris and Rick are both scheduled to lead brand new tours the first week in May of 2022. Both of them are trips we are passionate about, and designed ourselves. We invite you to join one – sorry, you can’t do both unless you have a teleport!

Women radio operators in WWII
Chris will lead the “SOE: Setting Europe Ablaze” tour. In the summer of 1940, a pugnacious Winston Churchill ordered his Minister of Economic Warfare Hugh Dalton to create the Special Operations Executive and tasked this secret espionage organization with “setting Europe ablaze.” This is precisely what the SOE did.

This 10-day tour will visit the top-secret sites where the brave men and women of the SOE were recruited, trained, and set out on their daring missions, as well as the locations where British intelligence agencies masterminded the covert war against Hitler and his cronies.

Surrender in Yorktown
Rick will lead the Revolutionary War: The Road to Yorktown tour. Many RevWar battles immortalized by history—Bunker Hill, Trenton, Saratoga—took place in the northern colonies. But the southern campaign from Charleston, South Carolina to Yorktown, Virginia, was the final, decisive struggle.

Starting with a massive British victory in March 1780, their biggest of the war, to the surrender of an entire British army at Yorktown in September 1781, the ultimate days of the American Rebellion tell a tale of ferocity, incisive strategy, and rash opportunism that ends in a stunning turnabout.

We invite you to check out these trips – and consider coming along. If you like us on HHH, you’ll love us on the road.


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