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History Happy Hour

Episode 129: Mussolini and Fascism

Guests: John Foot

Sunday, January 22, 2023

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This Week on History Happy Hour: In the dark days after WWI, a new movement swept over Italy. Fascism promised to build a 'New Roman Empire' and make Italy great again. Soon came violence, black shirts, and Benito Mussolini.

Chris and Rick welcome John Foot, author of Blood and Power: The Rise and Fall of Italian Fascism, the disturbing story of Italian fascism from 1915 to 1945 – and the ways in which it still reverberates to this day.

JOHN FOOT is a Professor of Modern Italian History at Bristol University. He has written seven books, including The Archipelago: Italy since 1945 and Calcio: A History of Italian Football. He contributes to the Guardian, Independent on Sunday, London Review of Books, and the TLS. He has appeared in a number of TV documentaries.

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