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History Happy Hour

Episode 190: Excavating Rev War Soldiers

Guests: Steven Smith, Wade Catts, Jen Janofsky

Sunday, March 24, 2024

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This Week on History Happy Hour: Recent archeological digs have uncovered the remains of two dozen soldiers who fought at the Revolutionary War battles of Camden, South Carolina, and Red Bank, New Jersey. British, American and Hessian soldiers have been unearthed nearly 250 years after the guns ceased.

In this encore episode, Chris and Rick welcome Steven Smith, an archeologists on the Camden project, as well as Wade Catts and Jen Janofsky, co-directors of the Redbank Project, to talk about the effort to recover and remember these soldiers. What stories and secrets can their remains reveal?

Steven Smith - Research professor, South Carolina Institute of Archeology and Anthropology

James Legg - Public archeologist, South Carolina Institute of Archeology and Anthropology

Wade Catts - Principal Archeologist, South River Heritage Consulting

Jen Janofsky - Director, Red Bank Battlefield Park

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